Final Grants Announcement

HYPE Community,

We wanted to share the good news that based on your feedback, HYPE is making $2,000 emergency grants to each of the following organizations: 

These organizations rolled up their sleeves to support our Bay Area queer community during this crisis by creating (virtual) space for community, providing mental health counseling, bailing out activists protesting police violence, and more. Our grants will help them continue this essential work. Thank you to all HYPE unicorns who voted and provided feedback in the emergency grant voting process last month. 

Our final grant cycle
We also have some news to share about HYPE’s future. These emergency grants will be HYPE’s final grant cycle. As of the end of this month, HYPE will be discontinued, and its remaining assets transferred to our fiscal sponsor organization, Horizons Foundation. All recurring donations will be cancelled after August 5, 2020.

HYPE began as a giving circle of queer people interested in pooling resources to increase our impact. In recent years, as core members moved out of the area, started families, or otherwise moved on to the next phase of their lives, that circle has shrunk. The remaining L-team members have made the assessment that we do not have the capacity to continue running the organization right now. We as the L-team members did not take this decision lightly. Unfortunately, it is the only option at this time.

We remain extremely proud of HYPE’s impact on our community. Since our founding in 2011, HYPE has donated $144,000 to 19 different organizations. HYPE gave us an opportunity to be philanthropists together on a scale none of us could have achieved alone. We can have a bigger impact in our community when we work together. The organizations we supported represent the wonderful diversity of our community. We are so proud of them. They are our legacy. 

What you can do
Though HYPE is closing its doors for now, we hope you will continue to support queer organizations. 
Here are some actions you can take right now:

Thank you.

Thank you for being part of our community for nearly 10 years.

Thank you to our dedicated unicorns and donors, your generosity allowed us to make this incredible impact together.

Thank you to our grantees for your fearless leadership and unending dedication to our communities, we are nothing without you.

Thank you to all the HYPE L Team members who over the years spent countless hours talking, planning, and connecting, creating an ongoing community of people who care.

Thank you to our workshop participants, for teaching us, and for your openness and feedback.

Thank you to our advocates and guides at the Horizons Foundation, your backbone support allowed us to exist legally and effectively.

While HYPE is going into hibernation, the fight for justice for our queer community, and especially our Black queer community continues, and we will see you in the streets, at the polls, and in the bars (eventually), donating, advocating, dancing, and working everyday to create the world we want to see – a world where every unicorn is honored for their unique sparkle.

With Love,

The HYPE Leadership Team:
David Craig
Michelle Collier
Rachel Walker
Kelly Boylan