HYPE’s Grant Making: A Perspective

As Community Engagement and Grants Chair, my role with Horizons Young Professionals for Equality (HYPE) is in some ways the opposite of my day job as a grant writer–and yet, my experience as both a fundraiser and grantee greatly informs the way I lead HYPE’s grant-making process. As a grant writer, I’ve navigated convoluted and […]

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Preparation Begins Now

Stunned. Fearful. Angry. Confused. The 2016 election has left many of us feeling a miserable mix of emotions. Some of us are wondering if we’ve lost the hard-won gains of the last several years — the ability to be safe in our communities, to find and keep good jobs, to be respected as human beings […]

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We Are Orlando

Our hearts are with the victims of the ‪#‎PulseNightclub‬ tragedy and their loved ones. We are inspired by the strength and resiliency of our LGBTQ communities in Orlando. We are with you in solidarity, unity, and love. And we embrace Muslim communities, queer and not queer, with the same solidarity, unity, and love. Islamophobia will […]

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I give to HYPE because I want to let all the little Ninas out there know, that there are people who care. – Nina Simone